Heeelllloo my travel ladies & gents! It’s finally here! The full Tulum Travel Guide. I was lucky enough to take a 6- day vacation in Tulum, Mexico and I had such an amazing time. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the 847239847 stories I posted while I was there in July or the 2394823 pictures I posted during and after the trip. Everything was crazy beautiful- all the way from nature down to design EVERYWHERE we went. I’ll share some travel tips for now and a travel video will be posted soon ❤ While you read the tips- listen to Echo Arms by Mr Twin Sister.

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Right before the trip, I got my travel credit card (finally) BUT I have a Discover card and, unfortunately, not everywhere takes it 😦 If you have a BankAm, Chase, AMEX, basically anything else… you should be good to go! With that being said, you definitely do need to take some cash as some places are cash-only. We went to one restaurant that only took cash and if you want to shop for handmade goods at the markets, some take cards but I would recommend taking cash anyway.

Before you go- take out cash and convert it either in your city or in Tulum itself. Most places take USD but they’ll charge you a higher conversion rate so you’ll end up losing/wasting money. Make sure to google the exchange rate between Mexican Pesos and USD and try to find the best rate at an exchange place. Some places in Tulum had a pretty good one so you can definitely wait until you’re there if you have to!

I took about $400 USD worth of Mexican Pesos. I was going to use that for most of the trip besides big expenses at dinners/fancier places where I’d use my card but I actually spent half of it on the first night (LOL). We went to a cash-only restaurant for dinner and nobody else had cash to pay so I spotted everyone and they paid me back!

Overall, the trip was pretty expensive, not gonna lie. HOWEVER, we also SPLURGED! We went to the spa, ate nice dinners every single night, got drinks, etc. If you’re trying to go ALL OUT (eating out and drinking cocktails/wine everyday, going on excursions, shopping) I would be ready to spend about $100 per day while you’re there. If you get a rental car (which you DEF should — I’ll talk more about that below) – that’ll be another $30 per day (but if you go with a group, you’ll split the cost and it won’t be bad).

I haven’t calculated all my finances yet (I’m a little scared to) but with EVERYTHING including hotel/transportation and what I mentioned above, I think I spent $1000 USD (for a 6 day trip). I don’t wanna think about it… *cries*


I feel like this is true for basically everywhere I go but RENT.A.CAR. You seriously won’t regret it! It’ll end up saving you a bunch of time and money and you’ll see a lot more than you would be able to if you didn’t have a car. We rented with Europcar (there are a bunch of car rental places right when you walk out of the airport). We got FULL insurance and I definitely recommend doing so because we actually got hit while we were parked and our rear light shattered. Car rental will be $2-$8 per day and WITH insurance should be no more than $40 a day.


We went in late July which was H O T and nasty…. just how mama likes it. I love a good sunny, hot vacation so I was living my best life getting a shade darker every damn day honey. If you don’t like the heat– definitely google some other times that fit the right temperature for you. Tulum is similar to Miami in that it’ll be sunny all day and then it may rain for an hour and go back to being SUPER sunny again. We were able to do almost everything we wanted to do because we got lucky with the weather! But weren’t able to go to 2 lagoons we had planned on going to because it rained our second to last morning.


In Mexico, they speak Spanish hunny (girl, please). If you know Spanish, GET ITTT! If you don’t- it wouldn’t hurt to brush up on it. I think that everybody spoke English tbh but I was also with 5 Spanish speakers so it wasn’t an issue. If you only speak English, you’ll definitely be okay! This is the perfect time to practice another language, though 🙂

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This is where we stayed the entire time we were in Tulum. The name does it justice… this place is a full on jungle! They have 5 lodges to stay in and our group of 6 split up into 2 rooms of 3 people and were more than comfortable. 2 of our group left after 3 days so the remaining days, 4 of us stayed in one lodge and still had plenty of space. They’re very accommodating! The price per night included breakfast in the mornings which was DELICIOUS and definitely so worth it! On top of that, we had kitties and a friendly doggie named Chloe who we got to play with everyday. The staff was amazing (shoutout to Stefano!) and we were able to meet new people and make amazing connections.

Kuza and I did a little pitstop here and from the 1 hour we visited, we fell in love. This was such a beautiful place, complete with an amazing restaurant and gorgeous plates/kitchen-ware. (A few of which I bought at a 3rd party seller in Tulum).

If my ass had M O N E Y, I would stay here. This place was 100% stunning, right on the beach, had amazing villas, a great restaurant, awesome pools, 10/10 was perfect. It’s just PRICY! If you have money to blow/treat yourself, definitely stay here! It’s in the beach area where we drove to everyday so it’s definitely worth it to stay here. But with that being said, we were all over Tulum so it didn’t really matter where we stayed at the end of the day! We stopped here one afternoon for a late lunch and drinks and we got to dip in the infinity pool.

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  • Cenote: Kaan Luum

If you’ve been to Mexico, you already know that cenotes are where it’s at. We went cenote hopping on a pretty, sunny day and it was breathtaking! The actual cenote is blocked off because the current is too dangerous to swim in but the water around it is gorgeous, blue and refreshing.


  • Cenote: Sac Actun

This was one of the most amazing places I’ve seen in my life. It was an underground cave and we got to swim through it. There were bats all over the place and it was just incredible. I definitely recommend going to this cenote if you can only go to one!

  • Cenote: Corazon

This cenote was literally the exact same vibe of a summer camp. It was INCREDIBLE, such a fun place to hang out. You can rent snorkel gear for really cheap and snorkel around (100% recommend). It’s like an entire ecosystem underwater. There’s also a cool place to jump off of! This place just felt completely timeless.

  • Tulum Town Market (Handmade Goods)

There are two main areas in Tulum that we hung out at — the Tulum Town (which was close to our hotel) and The Beach Strip (a little further but that’s where everything pops off!) In the town, there were a bunch of markets on the main road (and also places like pharmacies, restaurants, money exchanges, banks, etc.) I’m huge into handmade goods and market finds so I went ham on those markets! They have a bunch of beautiful crafts. I got a few beaded keychains, bracelets, pompoms, tassels, and a basket bag! My favorite find was a beaded sunglasses chain.

  • AZULIK Art Installation

Everything AZULIK is ridiculously stunning. They had an installation when we went and it was incredible. I feel like I keep using that word but it’s just that there’s no other way to describe this place. Tulum cares a lot about design so everything is really well thought out and gorgeous.

  • AZULIK Store

Another place that I’ll never forget! The AZULIK boutiques are insane. (I forgot their exact names but they’re all right next to the AZULIK hotel). They have water flowing through the middle of the boutique and stepping stones to go around. You have to take off your shoes before entering and it’s just so adorable. Each room is filled with amazing clothing that I cannot afford but am obsessed with LOL.

  • Bacalar

We actually didn’t make it to Bacalar because it was raining on our last full day there (the only day we had time to go) BUT this place is highly recommended by everyone who goes so I recommend making a trip there. It’s supposed to have a bunch of gorgeous blue colors and is isolated and fresh!

  • Beach Strip

The Tulum Beach Strip is the most happenin’ area. That’s where they have most of the restaurants, bars, and cool ass places we went to. If you’re not sure what you want to do — walking down during the day or at night will definitely lead you in the right direction. They have tons of boutiques, bars, and restaurants. The ones I’m going to name below are mostly in that area (I’ll specify).

  • Be Tulum

I already mentioned this before but we wandered around this hotel and got some food/drinks at the restaurant and they were nice enough to let us hang out at their infinity pool! Even if you’re not staying here, I think it would be nice to grab a drink by this pool and get some beach views even though they mainly include people wheelbarrowing tons of seaweed out of the ocean. 😦

  • Yaan Wellness Energy Spa

We decided to majorly treat ourselves and go to this spa. It was the most relaxing experience ever. I’m one to get massages semi-often and definitely think that treating yourself to a nice massage is 100% worth it. I’m telling you- this was one of the most beautiful spa experiences of my life! Although it’s pricy, everything (if I’m not mistaken) on the list of treatments includes one hour after the treatment to use all the facilities of the spa — indoor pool, outdoor pool, steam room, sauna, showers, etc. We actually stayed WAY over an hour and nobody seemed to mind! It was definitely worth the money and SO relaxing.

  • Gypsea Market

This was kind of a staple place for us! It was just around the corner from our hotel so we passed it by every time we went anywhere. It’s a really nice market that sells all the essentials- water, fruit, snacks, wine 😉 So before going on cenote excursions or long drives, I’d recommend getting some snacks from here beforehand! They ALSO had these beautiful black stone-ware (which we saw often on our trip) that I had to buy on the way to the airport on our last day.

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  • Jungle Keva (Breakfast)

Since we stayed at Jungle Keva, breakfast was included (which was seriously so clutch) but even if you’re not staying here, I’d recommend trying breakfast in the morning here at least once! The chef is amazing and has a different menu daily.

  • Coqui Coqui (Lunch)

We drove to Coba (~45 min) to spend a half day there. We mainly went so we could go to Coqui Coqui which is a beautiful villa resort that has their own perfumery and delicious restaurant/pool area. We had a loooong, AMAZING lunch there and I definitely recommend taking the time to drive there for it. The trip wouldn’t have been the same without that experience! They explained that they don’t believe in eating with utensils so everything is eaten with hands or picked up with chips, other things. The ceviche we ordered came with a little shell to eat it! [Zoom in on the last photo to see my mood this whole meal].

  • de Cielo (Lunch)

We had a quick lunch in town in between a day of cenote hopping. I had a salad and we split a platter of different mediterranean bites. It was pretty yummy but would definitely recommend just going here for bites to share, not a full meal.

  • Deer Tulum/Quentin (Coffee)

Deer Tulum doubles as a great place to shop and a great place to get coffee! They have a Quentin Coffee Shop in the shop so we’d go here almost everyday after breakfast at the hotel to grab a quick coffee. Everything was delicious and I was also able to buy a few cute plates and mugs (that originally were from Holistika!)

  • Gitano (Drinks)

Gitano was a really cool, HUGE bar with different areas to hang out in and several bars to get a drink. We came here on a night out and had some delicious cocktails. Definitely recommend adding this to your itinerary if you enjoy nice music & a good cocktail at night.

  • Crisanto (Cocktails)

This place was so special! It’s a small, extremely cute bar. There’s a mixologist there who asks you what kind of foods, fruits, drinks, etc. you like and creates a whole concoction just for you! But this really is such an incredible experience, unlike any other I’ve had before. He uses such unique ingredients and does things like lights spices on fire for flavor, mixes things I never would’ve thought of, and just so much more! Even some of the girls who don’t like cocktails enjoyed what he made for them. This bar should be #1 on your list!

**Make sure to do some research before you go because I remember them saying that they’re closed on certain days of the week!

  • Raw Love Tulum (Smoothies/Juices/Acai Bowls)

If you’re looking for a healthier breakfast or lunch, Raw Love is the place to go! Tjeu have really fresh and delicious smoothies, juices and bowls.

  • Casa Pueblo (Lunch & Pool)

This hotel is so beautiful and actually pretty new! We had a pretty significant feast here and everything was delicious.

  • Helado Buena Estrella (Dairy/Non-Dairy Ice Cream)

This is just a little ice cream truck off the side of the road but don’t let it’s casual facade fool you! This place was the bomb. They had ice cream with and without dairy available and every flavor that I tried was amazing. I definitely would recommend stopping here at some point during your trip!

  • Casa Malca (Drinks)

This hotel was weird to say the LEAST. It had a funky, horror movie vibe honestly and I loved every minute of it! They also have really good drinks if you want to stop by, get a drink and check out the weirdness. Can’t say this would be my choice of hotel to stay, just because it does give me the creeps BUT it is worth a quick visit.

  • Habitas (Dinner)

This was one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had, honestly! Such a cute space- we sat on floor cushions/a rug on the beach in dim lighting for dinner and we ordered amazing dishes (that were really well portioned). I don’t think they had one thing on the menu that wasn’t terrific! If you’re planning on splurging on one meal, I would recommend doing it here.

  • Casa Jaguar (Dinner)

This was another delicious dinner with some VERY satisfying champagne! The entire trip, I was just craving a good, cold glass of champagne and this is where I finally got it! They had a really unique menu wish dishes I’ve never tried before. Everything is pretty share-able so I’d recommend getting a few dishes and splitting it with your group.

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This is something a little new! There was SUCH good music everywhere in Tulum (I’m telling you guys… that place is a FOKIN VIBE). We decided to create a shared playlist with all the music we heard that we Shazam’ed throughout the trip. Take a listen and it’ll really give you the vibe of what Tulum was like.

I’m really disappointed in myself for not having my travel video edited by now, considering I went on this Tulum trip in July of 2019… LOL but life got in the way and I will have it edited and posted ASAP! 

Stay on point,

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Stay on point,

I’m really disappointed in myself for not having my travel video edited by now, considering I went on this Tulum trip in July of 2019… LOL but life got in the way and I will have it edited and posted ASAP!

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