Hi my travel bugs! I’m excited to be sharing my Mallorca Travel Guide! If you aren’t familiar with Mallorca, Spain – click here! It’s a beautiful Spanish island and I went there last November 2018 for Thanksgiving week with my two travel buddies: Kuza & Erik ❤ So check out some travel tips, highlights & photos below as well as a travel video all the way at the bottom. It’s WORTH the watch, I’m telling ya! Look out for links to specific parts of my travel video based on each location 🙂 Now, let’s get to it! While reading the post before the video, go ahead and listen to You Were Right by RÜFÜS DU SOL.

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If you have a travel credit card- you’re good to go! Everywhere accepts card and you’ll be able to charge it without a travel fee. If you don’t have a travel card, I would recommend using cash to avoid those fees. In Mallorca, they use Euros, duh. Do some research to find out the best conversion rate at a currency exchange in your city and go there. In Miami, there’s Euro Exchange downtown and they have the best conversion rate! We were there for 5 days and I took out €350. This was enough for eating and drinking everyday! Mallorca isn’t too expensive, luckily. If you want to shop, I would recommend taking more.


I highly recommend renting a car in Mallorca. We rented one that we picked up and dropped off at the airport. It was a standard SUV (definitely recommend an SUV over a smaller sedan or a bigger truck or van). There’s so much to see in Mallorca (as you’ll see below) and the best way to get around is by driving. I have T-Mobile which allows me unlimited LTE internationally so I was able to use my Google Maps on the phone and avoid the GPS fee for a car! It worked perfectly everywhere we went.


I’ve only been to Mallorca one time and it was in November, like I said, which is off-season. The weather was perfect- it wasn’t HOT but wasn’t freezing cold so you could still go in the water and enjoy. I think I would definitely want to experience it in the spring or summer but the benefit to going in November was how empty it was. When we went to the calas (coves), we were sometimes the only ones there! The most crowded it got was maybe 5 or 6 other people around us. This way you’re able to take full advantage of the entire space and get some amazing landscape shots as well!


I’ve never been to anywhere else in Spain but I’ve always heard it’s not an expensive place! That definitely also applies to Mallorca. Many places we went to were cheap or at least reasonably priced! Especially the wine prices! They have a lot of tapas restaurants, of course, so that also helps with prices if you’re splitting food with people or just getting a small plate.


I’m a big believer in learning a language as much as you can before traveling to a country that speaks it! If you are able to speak some Spanish, that’s great! You can practice by being immersed in the language in Mallorca. If you don’t, I recommend learning a bit before going. However, everyone spoke English when we were there so it wasn’t tough to get around or communicate.

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We stayed at Hotel Cort for the first 3 days in the heart of Palma (linked in the title). It was GORGEOUS! All of the architecture and design is completely Mallorcan which gives you an authentic feel of where you’re staying! I 100% recommend it here – it was absolutely beautiful and everyone who worked there was extremely helpful and kind and went above and beyond to make us as comfortable as possible. See more in my travel video here.


For the last two days, we stayed at this AirBNB (linked in the title). It’s an AMAZING price for a huge apartment! We had more than enough space and were able to cook dinner and breakfast in the kitchen which helped save some money! It was absolutely beautiful and like nothing I’ve seen before. I recommend going through the photos they have on the AirBNB page itself. The pictures are accurate and the woman who we rented it from was an absolute sweetheart and gave us the run-down and tour of the place so we knew exactly what we had! Check out the tour here.


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  • Banyalbufar

One day, we decided to drive around to different towns around Palma and see what cute thangs they had to offer. We went to Banyalbufar first and, although it was dead & a bit gloomy, it was such a cute, quaint town. We walked around and got to see some STUNNING views! And even met a cute little kitty.


  • Valldemossa

After Banyalbufar, we drove to Valldemossa. This town was a bit bigger and had more going on. It was also just the cutest, prettiest place. I took pictures of every little corner I saw.


  • Cala Deia

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. As I mentioned before, Mallorca is full of beautiful calas (coves) where you can go, swim, have some food/drinks and enjoy the nature. The first one we went to was Cala Deia. We went on another groggy day but I was still in awe of how beautiful it was! Kuza kept saying “Guys, no. This isn’t even as pretty as the other ones.” I was shocked because that shit was BEAUTIFUL. We didn’t get in the water because it was a bit chilly so we just sat and enjoyed the view for awhile.



  • Cap de Formentor

This was a whole day trip! We drove up Cap De Formentor (definitely worth renting a car in general, but also make SURE to do this drive). Kuza was a champ and drove up the. tiny, windy roads on the mountain (scary af but so exhilarating). We saw so many goats on the way up (ADORABLE) and the views were just incredible. Somehow, I was even able to find this big crystal looking lump in the ground when we stopped and hiked and when I broke it up, it ended up being small stones!! (See pictures below). Best souvenir to take home! Check out the full experience here.


  • Cala Figuera

I love this Cala so much (not just because it’s beautiful) but because it sounds like Erik’s last name, Figueredo. 😛 This Cala is on the drive up in Cap de Formentor (see above). As we were hiking down to the Cala, it was super gloomy which made the water look like a deep blue. But as we got there and got ready to jump in, the sun came out! HALLELUJAH. (You can see the progression in the images below). The water was a beautiful crystal clear aqua. You can see absolutely everything underwater which is great because you know what areas to avoid when jumping in (where the huge rocks are). Such a beautiful experience and definitely recommend. Got some great footage when the sun came out, click here to see!


  • Cala Pi

Honestly, this was one of my absolute favorite calas. Between this one and the last one on the list, I can’t choose. I love this one because we were just driving through town and came across the sign that said “Cala Pi”. So we though, “LET’S FKN GO!” Might as well stop at this one and check it out before we go on to our next adventure. SO glad we stumbled upon this because it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. If possible, the water was even more beautiful than Cala Figuera (which was already heavenly). We just sat and enjoyed the view for a bit. Pictures do NOT do it justice ❤ Need more views? Click here!


  • Calo des Moro & Cala S’Almonia

This place was HUGE. Definitely somewhere you could spend the entire day at these two calas. They were both connected by the same rock? structure? so you just walk on over to whichever one you want and enjoy the different views! We went there on a gloomy-ish day so we decided to go back the next day for some sun! Highly recommend buying some food and wine and having a full day picnic here. Such a magical place, click here and here to see more. 


Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 7.32.10 PM

The breakfast at the hotel was included with a reservation and that was DEFINITELY one of the highlights of both the trip and the hotel. The breakfast was delicious and unlimited! So, of course, we ordered everything on the menu and stuffed ourselves for the day. You can see below all the food we ate *drool*.


  • Cappuccinos

Our drink of the entire trip: CAPPUCCINO. We literally had 2-3 in the morning with breakfast and then 1 at night after a night out. ADDICTED. They were so delicious and such a good pick me up. We would get them at Hotel Cort (left) and once at a little chain cafe called Cappuccino (right).


Palma de Mallorca is amazing because there are a few blocks full of restaurants and bars. So we just took a quick 10 minute or so walk from Hotel Cort to this area and went bar/food hopping! At this little spot, they had stopped serving food for the night but were nice enough to give us a few little tapas that were DELICIOUS. They were little bite-sized yummies and we ordered some wine to go wit them. A great place to snack!


Over here, we really went ham. They had a tasting menu that Kuza and I hopped on. Everything was really tasty and well done. You could tell they put a lot of care into each dish! Would recommend the tasting menu if you’re coming here. The prices are a little on the high side but the tasting menu is bang for your buck.


This was more of a bar/lounge type of vibe. They played loud, dancing music but it wasn’t really a club where there was space to dance. Just a cool vibe to get a cocktail and hang out. They were sweet enough to give us some chocolates on the house to go along with the drinks we ordered! If you’re looking for a cool bar to go to, DEF recommend. Their cocktails were delectable, too.


This is another restaurant that was actually pretty big! It was two stories. Upstairs had a dining area and downstairs was 1/2 dining and 1/2 bar. We sat at the bar and ordered some more wine to end the night while Erik ordered a cocktail. I did enjoy this place and thought it was a nice way to wind down.


This restaurant was Asian and FIRE. The food took awhile to come out but I think that’s bc it was so poppin’ and popular. I did enjoy what we ate so definitely recommend. The cocktails were pretty good too but el Neo is better if you wanna save that place for a good drink!


This is a restaurant we came across in a small, adorable town called Ses Salines. It ended up being SO FIRE even though the entire town and restaurant was DEAD! LOL. The wine was on point and just the whole experience was unforgettable. The olives that came with the bread were slightly sweet? I don’t know WHAT they were up to but I was so happy about it.



Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 7.32.18 PM

Photos are amazing, but videos are WAY better. Check out my video below for a better look into Mallorca. ❤


Thank you so much for reading this travel guide & watching the video! If you guys have any questions, feel free to comment on this post and let me know ❤ I highly recommend visiting Mallorca if you ever have a chance. I’m planning on going back ASAP :p

stay on point,


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