what it do my baby boos! I’m reallyyyy excited about this outfit post. Not only because I love the ‘fit but because I love the location! Kuza and I came across it while scouting for cool spots the other day and I wasn’t even going to shoot this outfit but I was like ‘F IT!’ just because the location was so damn cute. Now I’m obsessed with the outfit too so… there ya go ❤ Go ahead and put on You Make Me Feel Good by Satin Jackets and let’s get it goin! Shop my outfit through the links below.

So you’ve definitely seen my pants (THRIFTED) all over IG if you follow me. Besides that, you’ve seen them in my previous post. These are the perfect pants because 1. they fit perfectly 2. they go with EVERYthing 3. they never look old/worn out no matter how many times I wash them.


I usually like to wear a teeny crop with these pants since they have such a nice balloon shape and small waist. They’re super flattering so I don’t like wearing anything oversized that covers them up. I wore this little wrap bralette top that I recently got and DONE, bitch. A cute, comfy, everyday outfit.


You could dress this up for the night time by wearing different shoes but I wore some casual ass little black flats (THRIFTED) and a green belt (THRIFTED) for a muted pop of color.


Best part? MY DAMN BLING. I recently went crazy and got a buuuunch of jewelry. I needed to re-up my neck game because it used to be so good and lately it’s been lacking to say the least. I wore a bunch of these cute pearls. It worked out since this outfit is so simple/I have a low-cut top on.



I hope you guys dig this cute, casual ‘fit.

stay on point,



Forever 21 Button-Accent Wrap Top • Forever 21 • $23.99

Forever 21 Button-Accent Wrap Top • Forever 21 • $23.99

Forever 21 Wrap Crop Top • Forever 21 • $4

Lands’end Women’s Plus Size Petite 7 Day Elastic Back Corduroy Pants • Lands’ End • $22.97–25.97

H&M – H&M+ Corduroy Pants – Black • H&M • $29.99

And other stories Wide Corduroy Pants • And other stories • $29

J Brand Mid-Rise Corduroy Pants • J Brand • $32.50

Shein Point Toe Slingback Flats • Shein • $26

Forever 21 Faux Suede Slingback Flats • Forever 21 • $22.90

Forever 21 Faux Leather Cap Toe Slingback Flats • Forever 21 • $15.99

Steve Madden Croc-Embossed Faux Leather Plus-Size Belt • Steve Madden • $38

Cloverpost Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace • $49

Majorica Gold Pearl Pendant Necklace, White • Majorica • $100

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Welcome boob troop! Welcome to the journey that is the hip nip. I’m currently a college student pursuing Digital Media Studies in sometimes-sunny-sometimes-hurricaney Florida! I’m passionate about my major but I’m also adrenalized when I’m talking about fashion and lifestyle trends. I always find myself scrolling through fashion blogs and lookbooks of my favorite companies and realize that hours have passed and I have to start studying for my midterm that’s only 10 hours away. I hope some of you will be inspired by this blog or at least find it entertaining! If anyone wants to reach out and give me suggestions or collaborate, please feel free to contact me through the contact page or through any social media link that you can find on my blog. 🙂 Stay on point, the hip nip

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