blue silk skirt, crop t-shirt & fila sneakers

what’s up boob troop! ❤ I’m hitting that point where I’ve been more consistent with the blog by shooting outfits every week and even catching up on old posts I’ve been meaning to create (i.e. travel guides/videos)! I’m super excited about it because when I’m editing/writing/creating, I feel at my best. I’m excited to bring you another outfit that incorporates my latest thrift haul (which you can check out on my IGTV here (part 1) & here (part 2). So go ahead and listen to Honey by Raveena and check it out! Make sure to scroll all the way down for links to shop this look.

I’ve been wanting a silk maxi skirt with a 90s vibe for awhile now (I know, so specific lol). I knew that I’d find one thrifting rather than in a store so every time that I’ve gone, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect one. I found a few in the past but most of them had an ugly print and I just couldn’t justify it. So I FINALLY found this skirt & couldn’t be happier. Best part? It was $7!!!!


Since this skirt is on the ‘nicer’ side since it’s silky & elegant, I decided to make it more casual. I paired it with this t-shirt I cut into a crop from Reformation that says “Bienvenidos a Miami” (so cute, I know) and my new Fila sneakers!


The lettering in my t-shirt matches my skirt so that just happened to work out perfectly… but I feel like any white crop tee would go well with this skirt. The best part about the skirt are the two slits on the side that go high up but not toooo high, so it’s really easy and relaxed to wear.


I wore the sneakers because it just added to the cute-sporty-onthegogirl look I was trying to achieve.



I hope you guys enjoyed this loooook & try to recreate it! You can do so by shopping the links below ❤

stay on point,

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Everlane The Cotton Crop Tee • Everlane • $15

Reformation Maddie Crop Tee • Reformation • $28

Forever 21 Tie-Front Tulip Skirt • Forever 21 • $25

Jen’s Pirate Booty Byzantine Maxi Skirt • Jens Pirate Booty • $158

Fila Euro Jogger II Sneakers • Fila • $60


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