hey party people! so it’s officially mofokin’ fall and I have slacked so hard, yet again. I went to New Orleans in MAY (yes, May) with my cousins Sitara and Neil and baby boy Erik and am finally posting a little travel guide & travel video! I know, I’m a total mess. ANYWAY, here is a little guide and a fun video for you guys to look at. Go ahead and listen to 65th & Ingleside by Chance the Rapper and let’s get it goin’.


Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 7.32.10 PM

I think all we did in NOLA was eat, drink, repeat. All day, every single day! So you already know I have a lot of food recs. I took more videos than photos on this trip but check out some photos for the places we went to below.

So when you’re in NOLA, there are a few things you have to try that are famous in that city. One of those things is the hurricane. The hurricane is a fat, red cocktail that has a super sweet & fruity flavor. Although it wasn’t my FAV drink I had while in New Orleans, it definitely was a good staple. Pat O’Briens is right on Bourbon Street (in the middle of all the action) and you can get a bomb ass hurricane right here to cool off during the day, which is just what we did! The second time I went, though, I got a cyclone (the small, fat yellowish drink) which I preferred over the hurricane because it was more tart (which is my type of drank hunnyyy).


This bar (and most of the places I went to in NOLA) were recommended by my friend/Erik’s sis, Jordan. I loved the concept of this bar! You’re sitting at the bar, which is a huge circle and it spins around like a carousel while you’re being served drinks! It’s definitely a little higher scale than the other places we went to in the city but I was dressed casually (and soaked by the rain) and it wasn’t a problem at all (not like Miami!) I don’t remember the name of the drink I got (I know, I suck) but it was also very tart with a little bit of sweetness and I just remember it being DELICIOUS. Another crazy cool thing about this place is that we had drinks (in plastic cups that you can see in the picture below) from another bar that we went to earlier and they didn’t mind that we brought them in & finished them! Nobody said a goddamn thing and that was INSANE to me.


Ok. If you know me, you know I love snow cones/shaved ice SO MUCH! SnoBalls are also another ‘classic/touristy’ thing to get in NOLA and I was more than happy about it. NOLA was extremely fuckin’ hot so these def helped us cool it down.


I am a HUGE hot dog fan. I’m that person that would rather have a hot dog than a burger at a BBQ so the fact that Dat Dog exists just makes me so happy. They have a buuuunch of LOADED ass hot dogs that are just delicious.


This is a great brunch spot! We went there the first day and Jordan recommended it, which was the best thing ever. It was a really nice vibe/atmosphere and besides the food being delicious, they have in-house juices that are so refreshing. They also have vegan & gluten-free options!


THIS WAS MY FAV MEAL IN NOLA. I have never had more delicious chicken in my damnnnn life, I swear! This place is famous for its chicken and we honestly waited in line for about an hour to get a table and it was 10000% worth it. ALSO, those mashed potatoes. Just stop.



Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 7.32.07 PM

  • Street Performers

You’ll see more of this in my video here, and here for a compilation. so definitely check that out. BUT one of the best parts of the trip was just strolling down Bourbon Street and seeing all the street performers. There were a lot of children who were extremely talented and I wish I was some sort of millionaire influencer and could sponsor them and hand them a wad of cash or something honestly. They were WORKIN.HARD. 


  • Magazine Street

Magazine Street was super cute. It had a lot of small boutiques & antique stores. Unfortunately, they’re all closed on Sundays and that’s the day we decided to browse around. But we did discover this cute rooftop bar (Balcony Bar & Cafe) that had amazing HH deals so we decided to chill there for awhile with a few drinks ❤


Check this out in the video here! This was a really fun/different place than the bars in Miami/other places I’ve visited. There are two pianos up on stage and you write down a song request on a piece of paper, give it to one of the piano players and they’ll play it! It’s so much fun & a really cool concept. Definitely a good place to go before a night out.

Okay, this was the cutest little bookstore ever! They had used & vintage books and a cute little bookstore kitty to watch over everyone :’) You can see him in the video here. We spent a good amount of time here and I found a really great vintage version of The Canterbury Tales which was amazinggggg.


Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 7.32.04 PM

Here are the rest of my photos (I took more videos than photos during this trip so definitely check out the travel video below for better shots!)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 7.32.02 PM

Like I said earlier, ALL WE DID WAS EAT, DRINK, SLEEP, REPEAT! So that’s a huge disclaimer when watching this video because you will just see all the places we explored with food/drink breaks in between & some nightlife in there as well. Hope you enjoy!


Thank you for checking out my little travel guide & I hope you get a chance to hop around NOLA soon ❤

stay on point,

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