hiiii again! I feel productive AF because I’ve been able to get a lot of outfit posts out to you guys while I work on some backed up travel guides from recent trips that I need to share (hehe). I’m going to definitely try to keep making time for these ‘fit posts and even make some videos for my IGTV?? So let’s see how all that ambition turns out in the end. In the meantime, check out this fun outfit I put together and listen to Good Love by 11:11! Make sure to scroll all the way down to shop this look.

So originally, I was going to do another WERK@WORK post with these pants (since I wear them to work all the time). But since these pants are so great and versatile, I decided to make it a lil’ more fun and play with the colors.

180825 _ Yash _ Little River (18 of 29)

So these pants are a really fun clay color that you could wear with neutral white and off-white tones… OR you can be extra af (like me) and add more color to it. I remembered that I also had this burnt sienna-ish bralette top so decided to style it with these pants & sandals for a fierce safari tour guide vibe (LOL).

180825 _ Yash _ Little River (16 of 29)

Of course, I had to wear some glistening ass gold jewelry with this outfit because the warm colors go so well together ❤ (excuse the weird bra line on my body)

180825 _ Yash _ Little River (19 of 29)

I hope everyone finds that one versatile piece in their closet that they can wear to work, on a day out, a night out, WHENEVER! And they play with it and see what you can do with the color tones, it’ll be fun & worth it 😉


stay on point,

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 Forever 21 Twist-Front One-Shoulder Crop Top • Forever 21 • $18

Forever 21 Pleated High-Rise Denim Pants • Forever 21 • $32.90

Franco Sarto Grayson Leather Sandal • Franco Sarto • $39.97

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Welcome boob troop! Welcome to the journey that is the hip nip. I’m currently a college student pursuing Digital Media Studies in sometimes-sunny-sometimes-hurricaney Florida! I’m passionate about my major but I’m also adrenalized when I’m talking about fashion and lifestyle trends. I always find myself scrolling through fashion blogs and lookbooks of my favorite companies and realize that hours have passed and I have to start studying for my midterm that’s only 10 hours away. I hope some of you will be inspired by this blog or at least find it entertaining! If anyone wants to reach out and give me suggestions or collaborate, please feel free to contact me through the contact page or through any social media link that you can find on my blog. 🙂 Stay on point, the hip nip

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