hey there my summer sweethearts! I’ve been out here just dying from the Miami heat this July and barely staying alive but I’m back to give you a great inside look at what I’ve been up to! I had the opportunity to stay at a new boutique hotel/bed & breakfast in Miami called The Copper Door B&B. It was such a great experience that you guys have to know about. So listen to ocean eyes by Billie Eilish and read on! ❤

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First things first, this B&B is located in Miami right in the heart of historical Overtown. It’s an area with loads of history and vibrancy that has been preserved by the people who live there and by the Copper Door. It was started by Jamila Ross & Akino West, who have backgrounds in the culinary & hospitality fields. Jamila gave us the grand tour and was so knowledgable about the neighborhood and the culture that surrounded the B&B which made the experience and feel of the place 100x cozier and interesting. We walked around the hotel and saw different rooms that were minimal with a touch of vintage. Each room had one wall (or ceiling) that was covered in unique wallpaper.

And this was our room! I loved the floral wallpaper we had. It added a fun colorful touch to the very clean, white decor. It also definitely is something I’ve never seen in any other hotel in Miami! The bed felt like an absolute cloud and I was definitely very comfortable and had lots of space throughout the whole stay.


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Jamila was explaining that the real ‘winning’ factor of this boutique hotel is, of course, the breakfast. Breakfast is served every morning and is included in the booking of every room. The breakfast is different every morning and you can find out what’s going to be served on a very cute, vintage-esque sign in the lobby.


Our breakfast was coffee cake and chilaquiles. When I saw that sign, I was SO excited. I absolutely love chilaquiles and couldn’t wait to devour the whole thing. All I can say is that the food did not disappoint! Everything was so delicious and presented so beautifully.

What’s great about breakfast time (besides the obvious- delicious food) is that you sit on a communal table so you’re able to chat with people who are staying at the B&B and get to know about them and their stories. Erik and I were actually able to have a great conversation with a woman named Lauren, who was in Miami to visit her son who was showing his art in a gallery. After our long talk, she was nice enough to give Erik and I t-shirts that her son made with his art on it! (You already know how I feel about clothes and art… so I was extremely touched.)

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The Copper Door B&B is definitely a very unique boutique hotel that makes you feel like you’re truly in Miami but without the corny, tacky flashy art deco feel. They do a great job of giving you that art deco and historical decor but in a very tasteful and elegant way. They also had renderings of what different areas in the hotel are going to look like in a year and that got me so excited to go back and visit!

Jamila also showed us an old shop that neighbors the hotel that is going to be turned into a café by the Copper Door. They’re going to keep some of the old equipment and signs that make the space unique and classic.

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I hope you guys enjoyed this post and are as excited as I am about this new B&B in Miami! Make sure to check out their website, Instagram and Facebook to find out more about them and book your stay ASAP!

stay on point,

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