hey there hippie nippies! I super suck and have been so busy living my damn life that I haven’t been able to post any content of my recent travels. I suck even more because I went to San Francisco in January for my birthday and have been meaning to post about it and STILL HAVEN’T! I recently went to Costa Rica, The Bahamas and New Orleans and wanted to post about those trips but I didn’t feel right doing it until I gave my Cali trip its own special post. So listen Innerbloom by RÜFÜS DU SOL & read on for some highlights of my SF trip and stay tuned for more exciting travel posts ❤


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So I went to SF with my girls Kuza and Guti and we went alllll over the place to different restaurants, bars, random spots we discovered. But I’m going to share some of my favorite places that we visited/ate/drank at.

  • Painted Ladies

When you go to SF, there are a couple of touristy things that you “have” to do. One of them is seeing the Painted Ladies! You may recognize them from the opening song in Full House (peep the pic below). I loved it here because it was a great spot for a picnic and a perfect place for dog watching. I played with 3 adorable dogs and that obviously is reason enough for me to go back.



  • Fisherman’s Wharf

So this was another place that is a “must” of SF and another place that I really enjoyed! It was a great place to walk around. There are street performers playing music, singing, entertaining and a bunch of restaurants with amazing seafood. My favorite part was watching a bunch of seals sitting on the pier just screaming and being lazy… again, more animals! You also get a cool view of Alcatraz and can even take tours to the old prison!


  • Half Moon Bay

This place wasn’t in San Francisco but it is worth the drive! We took a day trip to drive along the Pacific Coast Highway (which I 100% recommend) and we stopped here and it was straight up heaven. We were the only ones there so it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere, ugh ❤ If we had more time, we would’ve definitely chilled here for longer and had a little beach day. Anyway, let the pictures do the talking.


  • Gravel & Gold

We came across this really cute store that had a random of array of stuff and I wanted all.of.it. The setup of the place was really cute and they had a lot of local artist’s products there. The only thing I could afford was a small naked girl pin for my denim jacket (lol) check out how cute she is! ❤


  • Ampersand

I came across this little flower shop on Instagram a few months before the trip so I decided to check it out! It was a really small hole in the wall where you can design your own bouquet of flowers from a bunch of different options. Definitely worth checking out if you are able to create a bouquet to keep for awhile/to give as a gift!


Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 7.32.10 PM

  • Fog Harbor Fish House

If you’re at Fisherman’s Wharf and want to treat yourself to yummy seafood, a beautiful view, and a nice atmosphere- Fog Harbor Fish House is a must. It’s a little pricier than other places you may find but it is well worth it! We bought a bunch of plates and shared so that helped out too.

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  • Myriad Gastropub

We happened upon this place after the original place we were going to eat at was closed. I’m so happy we did because the menu here was so unique, the service was amazing and the food was delicious! Best deviled eggs I’ve ever had, hands down.


  • Boba Guys

When I get boba, I usually opt in for the more fruity flavors rather than a milky/coffee one but I’ve heard so much about Boba Guys I had to try it. It’s cool because you can choose the amount of sweetness, milk and boba you want and they customize it for you just the way you like it! So I LOVED it… I still crave Boba Guys 4 months later!

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  • Zazie 

This was a delicious brunch in a really cute area! The restaurant itself was adorable (we sat outside) and I loved the vibe. I got some pancakes, eggs and breakfast potatoes (topped off with a yummy mimosa, duh) and it was filling and quality food.


  • Palm House 

On the first day, we found this yummy place for tacos and it was a great first meal. We got tacos, guacamole & chips, and brussel sprouts (deliiiiish).



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I hope you guys enjoyed this *super delayed* travel post! If you’re ever in SF, definitely hit up the places I recommended and message me if you need any more tips!

stay on point,

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  1. I love the way you’ve brought a freshness to your account of a visit to a much-touristed (word?) city. I almost feel I’m there; but even more important, it makes me want to go there! Thanks nippy hipster. ❤

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