satin top, pink pants & fenty’s: valentine’s day

hey all my lovebirds! I’m coming at you with a Valentine’s Day outfit post. Valentine’s Day is a day of luuuurv, for whoever you love/find special in your life! This year, besides hanging with my boy, I’m having my friends over for a V Day Movie Night filled with desserts & yummies. I can definitely be a cornball so this outfit is a typical ‘pink/red color-scheme’ outfit… so surprising considering I never wear these colors but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. So listen to Best Part by Daniel Caesear (feat. H.E.R.)  and let’s get going ❤

180210_yash_valentines (9 of 9)

One great thing about this cliché ass day is that all things satin/silk are welcome. So I took advantage! I wore this satin pink wrap top (my favorite kind of top) with satin floral pants.

180210_yash_valentines (8 of 9)

To complete the outfit, I wore my velvet burgundy Fenty’s (I mean, why not, right?). I’m definitely not a heels type of girl so I had to go for the sneakers, but at least they’re the most Valentine’s Day sneakers in all the land.

180210_yash_valentines (5 of 9)

Contrary to my usual neck game, I only wore one delicate choker since this outfit already has a lot of shine in itself. I also wore a few of my favorite rings and bracelets.

I hope you guys enjoyed this Valentine’s Day outfit! V Day isn’t my favorite holiday (yes, I’m that girl that doesn’t like holidays that make us have wrong ideals about how money is the way to express love) BUT, a day to celebrate actual love with anyone who you love is something to be celebrated. Whether you’re hanging with your ladies or your special someone, this is your chance to wear some silky shet… so do it!

stay on point,

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Satin Wrap Cami Top • Shein • $9

Wrap Satin Top • $35.95

ASOS Jumpsuit with Twist back and Frill Detail in Floral Print • Asos • $39

nastygal Everyday Sunshine Floral Pants • Nasty Gal • $32

Fenty x Puma Velvet Creeper Sneakers • FENTY PUMA by Rihanna • $87.50

PUMA Creeper Bandana Sandal • Puma • $56–77.99


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