gueeeess whaaaaat?! I have another travel post for y’all! I recently visited NYC for about a week and had the best time! This is kinda an update/upgrade from my last nip takes a trip: NYC post. This time, I traveled there alone but stayed in Brooklyn with one of my long distance buff’s who I met in New York at a semester program I attended in my junior year of high school, called CITYterm (HIGHLY recommend for HS students out there!) I also was able to catch up with some friends from high school and hit up really cool places with them! So, let’s get in the mood by listening to 3 Days by Rhye.



My friend who traveled to New York just a month or two before I did recommended this cute place in Brooklyn to me, and I’m so happy I was able to go! I got breakfast here one day and it was simple but delicious. I ordered the Eggshop B.E.C., which has broke yolk, Vermont white cheddar, black forest bacon, tomato jam, fresh pickled jalapeño all on a panini roll. It was amazing! and way more filling than I thought it would be.


Ok, let me start by saying that the Standard Hotel in NYC is PERFECT. Every single corner is beautiful, even the freakin’ bathroom is to die for. So on the rooftop of The Standard, there’s a bar called Le Bain that has an amaaaaaazing view of the city and water. Unfortunately, the evening I went it started raining so it got a little cloudy but I was still just happy to be there. The bar has a bunch of different cocktails and I got two different ones (that I completely forgot the names of) but that were yum yum. The best part, though, is the little creperie that’s up there too! So after drinking, when you get the munchies you can order any type of crepe you want. I got a little strawberry & nutella one of course and it hit the spot.


For brunch, I went to Jack’s Wife Freda with a friend from high school! The prices were actually really reasonable and the food was delicious and creative. I got the green shakshuka, which was 2 eggs baked in a tomatillo shakshuka served with challah toast (THE best). It was something I’ve never really tried before and I dug it! My friend got the mediterranean breakfast, which had 2 eggs, chopped salad, labne, avocado and pita bread.


This place was recommended to me by a friend who knows how I appreciate a place with good aesthetics! So this was my first brunch during my NYC trip and I’m so glad we went. Everything was clean, marbled & minimal and even the presentation of the food and drinks were too aesthetic. I got this tasty cocktail called While We Were Young, that had vodka, vanilla bean, butterfly peaflower, and sparkling wine. Not only was it a cute pastel purple but it was the perfect flavor. To eat (not pictured, unfortunately) I got the avocado toast and house cut fries, which were both delicious and cooked perfectly!


If you’ve been to NY, there’s no way that you haven’t been to the Chelsea Market. Every time I visit, I make sure I get my ass over there. They have a bunch of great restaurants/food court type food, little stores and boutiques, and a market with different vendors that have really unique things. This time I went, I had tacos from the little taco stand (I was craving them on the plane to NYC so I’m glad I got that craving out of my system). I also went to the market with vendors and shopped around a bit!


Ok. This might have been THE BEST MEAL I had in NYC this entire trip. It was beautiful because it was also my last meal before heading to the airport to come back home 😦 I had one last brunch with my girl Eliana, who was my gracious and lovely host while I was there. We.went.HAM. We got mimosas, the veggie burger (house made patty with sprouts, tzatziki sauce, and tomato on multi grain toast), and chilaquiles. We shared everything and I can’t even describe to you how good it was. Writing this right now is making me crave it even more, ugh.

  • Beacon’s Closet, Monk Vintage, Brooklyn Thrifting

So my mission in NYC this trip was to thrift as much as I possibly could, and I DID! I spent an entire day thrift shopping in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (the place to get the best thrifted items) and it did not disappoint. I went to Beacon’s Closet, Monk Vintage and a few other thrift stores that I can’t remember the names of but were all around the same-ish area, and in Bushwhick.





Hostess with the Mostess- Eliana.


The rest!

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I hope you guys enjoyed this NYC travel guide! Definitely check out the places I mentioned and even ones in the photo slideshow above when you guys are there next ❤

stay on point,

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