hi my travel bugs! I’m bringing you a dzelicous travel post today. I recently went to Boston with Erik to visit a few friends that live there and we went around and discovered some cool spots! I’m narrowing down a list of a few of my favorite places to hit up while you’re there as well as some pretty things we saw while we were there ❤ So listen to Baby, You Make Me Crazy by Sam Smith and read on! (Sam’s new album just came out so expect a lot of his songs linked to my posts…)

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So my favorite places are going to be a list of places that I ate and drank! I didn’t think it would end up this way but it seems like I’m always eating so I guess that’s what it’s going to be!

This was our first meal in Boston and it did not disappoint! The Cafeteria is on Newbury Street and is one of maaaany amazing restaurants on Newbury. Since we went in October, the weather was amazing so we were able to sit outside. We shared a pitcher of sparkling sangria (amazing and pretty good price!) and I ordered the Boston Cream Burger and I definitely made a good choice. It’s a grass-fed beef patty with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, raw onion, caramelized onions and habanero-radish cream cheese on a griddled bun… magnifique! 



For those of you who don’t know, I stayed with my friend Pedro who’s from Mexico. So you already know that if he likes a Mexican place, it’s authentic. We tried Chilacates for the first time together while I was in Boston and we all loved it! They had authentic Mexican food and of course, my favorite, Jarritos. I ordered a grilled chicken, a taco al pastor and (of course) an elote. I’m drooling over this picture as I’m writing this post and definitely need to make a trip back to Boston for this place itself .



Ugh, Saltie Girl. Not only is this restaurant named after me, but the food was MADE FOR ME! It was lobster roll season in Boston and I wish I got the lobster roll that Pedro and Louise got because, wow. I’ve never tasted anything like it, everything was perfect. But what I got was delicious, and everything was so aesthetically pleasing it almost made me forget that they didn’t serve bottomless mimosas for brunch… (almost). I got a breakfast sandwich, Erik got the Eggs & Eggs, and Vinny got the Cheese Board.




I went to Brick & Mortar to meet up with one of my long distance besties, Charlotte. She told me to meet her here and honestly I was SO lost. It turns out that this bar is really really cool and really really low-key. The entrance doesn’t even have a sign that says the name of the place! Luckily Charlotte met up with me and we went in together. The ambience is really speakeasy, cool dark vibes. The cocktails were a little pricey (~$12) but so worth it!

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The Little Donkey is actually a tapas restaurant but they happen to have really unique, delicious drinks too! One drink that I ordered came in a “Capri-Sun” type pouch. At first I was skeptical because it didn’t seem like a bang for my buck but the drink was SO delicious and strong enough so I was pleasantly surprised! Another drink came in an actual grapefruit, so needless to say presentation was 10/10.

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Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 2.40.07 PM

Along with eating and drinking everything in sight, I had the best time just exploring around Boston with the best company! We went to the Public Garden, a tour of Harvard, walked by the Charles River, hit up random cafés, bars & even a fun apartment/rooftop party! The party was especially cool because Pedro’s friends set out paint for all of the guests so we could paint on the walls of their apartment… Make sure to check out some of my favorite pieces (and the ugly ass bunny that Pedro and I painted 🙂 ).


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I hope you guys get a chance to take a little trip to Boston and use this mini guide to explore!

stay on point,


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