hi my happy hour hoppers! I wanted to share this lifestyle post with everyone because I’m always getting people asking me for recommendations of bars, restaurants and cool places to hang out! So I’m definitely going to start posting about that more! For this one, I decided to write down a few of my favorite happy hour spots in the Coconut Grove and Coral Gables areas (in Miami, FL). Not only are the drinks at these places amazing, but they have great happy hour deals! So read on and listen to Honey Whiskey by SATICA.

So of course when you’re going HHH (happy hour hopping… keep up!), you’re going to have to be ready to spend money. But you shouldn’t go BROKE just to have a good time! This is definitely if you still want to splurge and have fun with a few friends but not break the bank. With that being said, here are of my favorite spots and drinks at these spots! (They are in order of where I start off to where I finish, based on their happy hour timings).

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 12.58.57 PMIMG_1268

I always start out at Glass & Vine in the Grove. They have happy hour the earliest (and longest!), from 2pm to 8pm on weekdays. So I’ll start my evening here at 4 PM! (It’s 5 o’clock somewhere..?) My favorite drink is the Ricky Ricardo, which contains Absolut, Campari, Raspberry Liqueur. If you like a tart, sour cocktail, this is definitely the go-to. This drink is $8 on happy hour and, if you’re from Miami, you know that’s a great price for a cocktail! If you like well mixed drinks or wine, you can find those for $4-$6 during happy hour here! In the video below, the Ricky Ricardo is the pink drink and the other drink is the Magic School Bus.


Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 12.58.59 PM



Next stop is Peacock Garden Café. I’ve been coming here since I was little to eat! The restaurant is amazing and food is hard to resist. It also is just a really cute, lush vibe! I get here at 5 PM, in the middle of their happy hour and order the Cuba Vieja, which contains aged rum, fresh mint, lime wedges, sugar in the raw and bitters shaken to order and topped with champagne. Are you drooling yet…? This drink is also $8. Drinks here are half off and they offer $3 appetizers including an amazing artisanal flatbread! Which is perfect to munch on while getting your drank on!




Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 12.59.02 PM

The third place I hop to is in the Gables and is my FAVORITE place, Bulla Gastrobar. It’s my favorite place not only because it has my favorite drink in Miami (!!!) but also because the service is always amazing and the people who work there are the best. I get here at 5:45/6 PM and the drink I get is called The Bullfighter and is just the fattest, most delicious drink my lips have ever touched. It contains Bulleit bourbon, Aperol, Dow’s port, lemon juice and cranberry. I’m not the biggest fan of bourbon but this drink is the perfect amount of sweetness while also having the warmth of the bourbon! This drink is $6 during happy hour #steal.



Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 12.59.05 PM

The next stop is Tap 42! Happy hour ends at 7 PM so I usually try to get here around 6:45/6:50 so I can order right before it ends! Whenever I go there, I usually try a new drink but the last time I went, I tried the Blackberry Smash and it’s my favorite that I’ve tried by far! It comes in a really cute mason jar with a handle #trendyaf and is garnished really well. It contains Zacapa 23yr Rum, blackberry preserves, lime, simple syrup and mint. For happy hour here, you get $2 off of cocktails, making this drink $10 which isn’t really worth it… but! If you want to splurge, definitely a yummy drink.


Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 12.59.08 PM

Last, but NOT least, my second favorite drink at one of my favorite spots: Copper 29. Happy hour ends at 8 PM here so I get here around 7:30 and jam out here for awhile (they always have a DJ that plays the best music). I get the Passionfruit Martini here and it’s to die for! I don’t know the exact ingredients but I’m assuming it’s some combination of passionfruit juice, vodka and some other yummy stuff! The price of that is $8 as well.


So at the end of the night, you’ve spent about $40 for 5 cocktails! If you order mixed drinks, beer or wine at any of these places, your total will go down way more! AND if you’re more of a lightweight, you probably won’t need to buy 5 drinks in one night.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and get your asses to happy hour this week! ❤

stay on point,

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Welcome boob troop! Welcome to the journey that is the hip nip. I’m currently a college student pursuing Digital Media Studies in sometimes-sunny-sometimes-hurricaney Florida! I’m passionate about my major but I’m also adrenalized when I’m talking about fashion and lifestyle trends. I always find myself scrolling through fashion blogs and lookbooks of my favorite companies and realize that hours have passed and I have to start studying for my midterm that’s only 10 hours away. I hope some of you will be inspired by this blog or at least find it entertaining! If anyone wants to reach out and give me suggestions or collaborate, please feel free to contact me through the contact page or through any social media link that you can find on my blog. 🙂 Stay on point, the hip nip

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