hi my beach babes! It’s about damn time I post about Funkshion’s Miami Swim Week ’17! One reason I’ve been reluctant to is because, with all the craziness, I went to Swim Week for one FULL day (early in the AM to AM in the next day, nonstop) and my phone died halfway through the day so I didn’t take many pictures. But, I’ll post here what I DO have for you guys/the highlights! So listen to Show Me by John Splithoff (feat. Madison Ryann Ward) and check it out ❤

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 11.44.26 AM

My Swim Week partners this year included my boo thang, Erik, my fellow fashion blogger/business partner Kuza and my fashion designer badass babe Alejandra. We were squadded up and got shit DONE during our full, exciting day. The first event we went to (Alejandra hadn’t met up with us yet) was the A Bikini A Day Pop Up at The Edition Hotel. Last year, I was able to attend the A Bikini A Day Pop Up at Soho Beach House for Swim Week but I loved this venue so much more! For the second year in a row, we were able to meet and talk to the genius angel babies behind ABAD, Tash Oakley and Dev Brugman!



They somehow look better and better every time I see them, honestly! But it was great going to this intimate event and getting to check out their latest swimwear as well as all of the other amazing pop ups including Caudalie, St. Tropez & BYCHARI. Check out a quick video pan below to get the feel of the event//check out the views!


Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 11.41.12 AM

The next event we went to was a complete and total F A I L! We were excited to get to The One Hotel (one of our favorite hotels in Miami!) for an All White Party on the rooftop by the pool. BUT, when we went to sign in, our names weren’t on the list (even though we double checked and were sure that we RSVP’d). We went back and forth with the people checking everyone in for awhile and then found out that there was a whole scam that went down for this event. Apparently the email address that invited us and we RSVP’d to was hacked by either someone who works for the magazine hosting the event or someone… I don’t remember. BUT everyone who RSVP’d to that email instead of to the head of the magazine (some dude named Steven) wasn’t allowed in! That BLEW and we even snuck around the hotel trying to get up there but it didn’t work in the end. 😦




Next, we went to The Shelborne for their pool party pop up event. This event was pretty big, with tons and tons of swimwear lines showcasing their work (not to mention even more free champagne and rosé which is all we lived off of this whole day). We were only there for a bit because it was a bit more pool party than pop up and we didn’t plan on swimming but it was definitely enjoyable to go to!


Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 10.49.02 AM

So we went to The W I think a total of 3 times during the day for different events. The first time we went (before my phone died and I could actually snap some pics) was for a men’s/women’s swimwear pop up. The next event we went to at night was the Sports Illustrated Show which you definitely have to find pictures of because it was amazing!

Erik (who by the way LOVED Swim Week and keeps talking about how fun it was) started getting playful once we chilled outside in this little area of the hotel.

After running around so much, we decided to chill out at the inside bar of the hotel for a little rosé break. Even though, like I said, all we had been doing is drinking rosé and champagne all day… but this time we got to do it while sitting down 😉


Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 10.48.55 AM

Another place we hung out was the Funkshion x Glamour Tent. This tent was a bit more exclusive because it was a huge tent with tons and tons of giveaways (one of the best parts of swim week is the giveaways 😉 ) and also a runway where several fashion shows went down throughout the week! Luckily, we had that VIP “in” and were able to check our names off the list and get in. My phone had already died at this point (fml) so I don’t have photos of the tent but let me tell you… there was free rosé, free cocktails, free vegan popsicles and more! We chilled there for a bit before getting into the Aguaclara fashion show.


Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 10.48.57 AM

So we ran around to a few more fashion shows/tents but I didn’t really capture any of those on Erik’s phone. BUT, now for my absolute favorite show of Swim Week… Frankie’s Bikinis! I had to steal Erik’s phone to capture this event. We somehow snuck into this one, acting like we were part of the PR team. Which honestly is kinda true… I mean, here I am writing about this event!? But it was great getting to get in and get good seating right behind some major celebs ❤ Not only were the models, swimwear and styling of this show phenomenal but the VIBE was unmatched. It had a Clueless/90s feel the entire time and the screens on the runway were playing gifs from music videos/tvshows from the 90s and some funny memes that flowed really well with the show. The music that was playing was all throwback, ass shaking music so I barely sat the entire show. Check it out below!

Finally, Francesca (Frankie) came out at the end and she honestly could’ve been one of the models at the show because she…is…bangin’!



Last but not least… We were invited to the Miami Swim Week official after party at a club called Rockwell. We had been out for probably 15 hours by now but we decided to go! The music was bomb and it was a lot of fun but just as it started getting REALLY good, we had to go 😦 Kuza and I had a photoshoot at 7 AM the next day and it was already 1 AM at this point… But it was great ending swim week here and still being able to jam out despite how sweaty and tired we were!


All in all, Miami Swim Week ’17 was amazing! It definitely was better the second time around and I felt more pro going from place to place (with most help from our amazing planner Kuza!) I can’t wait for next year and hope my Miami babies get a chance to attend some shows and pop ups!

stay on point,

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