nip’s hip picks: simplicity in mind

hi boob troop! I’m really hoping everyone is proud of me because I’m actually being pretty consistent with posting and creating a lot of content lately with more photoshoots and events coming up! I’ve been lucky enough to do a bunch of collaborations with different brands and boutiques and I have another one for you right now! So click the link and start scrolling! Save by Instupendo 🙂

Kuza, Jeanne the Queanne (our too-good-to-be-true photographer) and I hopped in Kuza’s car and headed straight to Palm Beach for a day trip for our styling/photoshoot adventure! The boutique we collaborated with is called Simplicity in Mind.

So, as everyone knows, I’m a hot mess when it comes to styling outfits. I can’t help but wearing the most extra thing I see and throwing on every piece of jewelry my hands can reach. For this outfit, I tried to go simpler! The boutique I styled at, like I said, is called Simplicity in Mind. So I went with ‘simplicity’ in mind… but [somehow] left with a boho ass outfit LOL.

I found this really beautiful black maxi skirt. Best part? It has pockets! I love patterns and am picky about them [I probably say that in 80% of my outfit posts] so I really appreciated this unique and minimal pattern. I wasn’t sure what to pair with the skirt but this green-brownish crocheted top actually went great with it! I tired it into a little knot since the skirt is high waisted and threw on a pretty black bralette underneath it to avoid hip nip nip slips 😛 I’m obsessed with skinny straps on tank tops so this dainty top was satisfying that obsession.


For jewelry, I threw on a bunch of their beautiful bangles with stones but decided to take them off in the end and at least attempt to keep the outfit minimal. Instead, I put on this layered necklace and tied a chain with two crystals around my neck as well.


All in all, it was fun being able to style an outfit that is very ‘me’ at a boutique that wouldn’t seem to be! It goes to show that Simplicity in Mind is a very versatile boutique with options for everyone!

I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit and collab post! Make sure to check out the boutique’s website & Instagram to shop!

stay on point,



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