nip’s hip picks: please don’t tell shop

hi my summer bugs! I promised you a collab so here ya go! I got the chance to work with a new boutique in Wynwood called Please Don’t Tell Shop. They have a great collection of some of the best designers with really unique pieces. So read on about the outfit I styled and listen to Angels by Chance the Rapper (feat. Saba).

When I walked into Please Don’t Tell Shop and was choosing an outfit, I immediately went for this yellow dress by JOA. I thought it had really unique lining and I’m honestly a sucker for these ruffles along the sleeves.

20170408 k y-120170408 k y-10

I usually don’t wear yellow but this dress was a perfect chance for me to start! It’s a really summer-y color and definitely grabs attention. I decided to go for a little juxtaposition so I styled the dress with these black, studded shoes to go for some edge with the girlyness.

20170408 k y-920170408 k y-7

Overall, love this dress and this store! Make sure to shop the outfit on their webste. The dress here and their shoe collection here. 🙂

stay on point,



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