matching set, funky glasses & jewelry clusterf**k

hi all my april babies! It’s almost summer and the main sign of it inching closer is the change in my wardrobe. I’ve been throwing on all types of summery patterns, crop tops, shorts and sandals! One great example is this outfit post today shot by Jeanne the Queanne herself. So kick off those shoes and listen to Takes My Body Higher by Shoffy (Feat. Lincoln Jesser).

So I’ve been way too into wrap crop tops. Before spring break, I went to the mall by my house and bought 3 friggin wrap crop tops when I went to just buy one… I can’t help it! I wore two of them to my trip to Aruba so I’ll try to shoot some outfits with those to put on the blog for you guys. This wrap top is a matching set with some funky open slit pants.

20170408 k y-29

I initially was thinking of wearing this outfit with my black tie-up espadrilles but decided to wear my favorite Fenty’s. Since the outfit is black and white, the burgundy goes great with it so there’s no need to wear simple black espies with it!

20170408 k y-35

Another funky addition to my outfit is my new sunnies! I’m obsessed with them. When I first put them on I thought they were upside down and I got a few comments on them and people thought I had put them on upside down too… that’s why I love ’em! (Check out the sides of them)

20170408 k y-36

As for accessories, when I was getting ready I thought to myself that I wanted a “jewelry clusterfuck” so that’s exactly what I did! I wore a ton of mismatched necklaces and this skinny embroidered scarf I got months and months ago. I wasn’t sure if it would all go together but I liked how it felt so I went with it.

20170408 k y-33

20170408 k y-3-3.jpg

Here are some close up shots of all the slits and extra fabric on this matching set. I’m totally obsessed and a set takes away the trouble of choosing a top and bottom that goes together when figuring out an outfit. I’m pretty picky about patterns so this simple sketched out floral design is absolutely perfect for me.

20170408 k y-3820170408 k y-32

I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit and go on the hunt for a matching set like this for the summer! Check out the links below to shop the outfit. And make sure to check back soon for some more fun summer outfits and collaborations! ❤

stay on point,



similar set here and here ; shoes here ; sunglasses here




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