nip’s hip picks: reflecting on blogging

Hi guys!

So it’s the last month of the spring semester (which means I only have one more summer class to take and then I’m GRADUATING!) #blessthefugup. Unfortunately all of you know that means that I’m scattered with the blogging. I promise once I graduate, I’m dedicating so much time to the blog you guys will be sick of all my content! I recently had a few photoshoots so there will be some new outfit posts and collabs up soon.

But for now, I wanted to share with you this 40 second video that my group and I made in my Multimedia Production II class. We had the challenge of getting a topic, pre-producing, shooting, editing and uploading it all within our 2 hour class period. We had to make sure the video fit the parameters that our professor gave us and we actually ended up getting an A on it! It was difficult but the adrenaline rush was unmatched. Our topic was “Reflections” which basically means we can use our own interpretation of what that topic means and make a video on it.

We decided to do a play on me reflecting on what it was like when I started my blog until now as well as physical reflections like the water, my reflective enamel pins, etc. We had to edit it down a lot but the end product turned out pretty nice! So check out this quick video and I hope it holds you over until my upcoming outfit post 🙂


Hope you guys enjoyed this little insight into my blogging life!


stay on point,




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