nip’s hip picks: denimmind me

hi my boob troop! hope everybody is having a lovely March. I just came back from Spring Break so I’m feeling refreshed and a few shades tanner (score!). So I’ve been really excited for this post. I collabed with a new, local company called Denimmind Me. You know I always love a good pun and of course, good denim, so this was an easy choice! Anyway, read on to know more about the company, the denim & how I styled it. Jam out to Lost by Kontinuum (feat. Savoi).

I was able to choose a denim item to style. The shorts and jeans were so gorgeous but since I’m obsessed with bulky denim jackets, I had to choose this one. So the genius behind this company is Saskia Moore, a member of my Fashion Club on campus! She said she had the idea to use all of the old denim she doesn’t use as well as thrifted, vintage denim and manipulate it to make it unique and her own. She has a ton of really unique items that she puts a lot of hard work and talent into.


This jacket, with the cutest/most real saying on the back, is adorable and a cool, manipulated cream color (originally blue, which you can see hints of). I loved being able to style this with a pretty plain outfit to make it unique and make the jacket the main eye-popper.


I wanted to work with the bulkiness of this jacket so I wore this minimal white top that I actually cut out of one of my denim Zara tops (2 for 1, I had to!) and I wore it with high-waisted blue jeans with this amazing raw hem. My boyfriend asked me if I cut the bottom of the jeans myself and I didn’t know whether to feel insulted or complimented…?


I wore my favorite dainty ass necklaces to keep the minimal look but also add some jewelry flair that I can’t stay away from.


Finally, I had an excuse to wear my espadrilles. Since my jeans are cut right at my ankle, I thought wearing these tie-up espadrilles would be perfect.


As you can see, I had so much fun styling this outfit and feeling like I was fuggin werkin’ it! It’s a great, unique piece that caught the attention of a lot of people and is one of a kind! Make sure to check out Denimmind Me’s Instagram and Etsy to shop these items and keep updated for more! And if you want to steal this jacket away, it’s still for sale 🙂


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