floral jumper, slip on loafers & macramé clutch

hey all you spring breakers! I’m so happy that it’s finally this time of year. Spring means sun, beach, spring break and (most importantly) easy-breezy outfits like this one I have for you! For this post, I partnered up with fellow blogger all the way in Greece, Chrisa. We decided to each come up with a staple spring look so check hers out right after this to get some more ideas! As always, scroll all the way to the bottom to find outfit and accessor links. Now kick back, relax and listen to Drama by Roy Woods (feat. Drake).

So, I know what you’re going to be thinking. In the words of Miranda Priestly, “Florals for Spring?… Groundbreaking.” Maybe the floral is pretty basic for a spring staple look but this jumper definitely is not!


As you guys know by now, I love my weird shapes and cuts in any piece. This jumper has the off-shoulder component and the culotte component in it and workin’ it! When I first put this jumper on, I was iffy about how I would look in it but realized that I loved it too much to not try and work it. Now I’m in love and can’t get enough! (Also, notice the weird hair combover/hair part that’s going on in the next picture… ew).


I paired this already busy jumper with my usual stack of gold and silver bracelets and rings as well as this adorable Macramé clutch (borrowed from my photographer and friend, Jeanne the Queanne).


To keep it classy and a little different from the usual sandal-look, I wore my slip-on loafers. Okay, I mostly chose to wear them because they’re so easy to put on and I was already running late for the shoot… but hey they work!


I hope you guys enjoyed this “groundbreaking” spring outfit! Whether you wear something similar or not,it don’t matta as long as you strip down to a bathing suit and get your azz to the beach!

stay on point,


similar jumper herehere and here; similar loafers here and here; clutch here


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