hey boob troop! I hope everybody’s November is going well! It’s finally getting chillier in Miami (aka 80 degrees during the day…) but it was 66 degrees when I was going home last night so I’m finally gonna be able to break out some fall fashion and cozy sweaters! ok ok, sorry, I’m making small talk with the weather, I know. This past weekend, my fav fellow blogger The Caffeinated Kuza and I did a collab with a local boutique here in Miami. It’s called Spin Gallery and it’s located in Wynwood.  So read on to see the two outfits I styled at the store as well as how to buy them online or in store! And be sure to check Kuza’s website this week for her outfits! Listen to Lovefool by The Cardigans to go with the moody vibe.

The first time we went to the store was when it had just opened and we spoke to Ashley, the owner of the store who was so nice the first time we met! From then on, we already had a connection and she supported both of our blogs/Instagrams and vice versa! We finally decided to do a collab with her and Spin Gallery because their merchandise is to die for!


This first outfit is amazing (if I do say so myself) because it brings a super 70s vibe while incorporating trendy styles. I wore this off-shoulder, yellow satin top, my own light wash mom jeans (the store has a bunch of vintage mom jeans!), velvet blue booties, and these oversized retro light blue sunnies.

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The top is great because it has a bunch of little things that make it unique. Besides being off-shoulder, there are two big slits on the sides, bell-sleeves, and buttons.

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The slits and the silkiness of the top make it easy to wear the top in different ways, for example, this little half-tuck in! It also has a lot of movement which always makes the outfit more dynamic and badass!

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THESE booties are a must-have! The sunnies and these booties really make the outfit that moody 70s vibe I mentioned before. I’ve been wanting a pair of these booties in a black suede but now I’m thinking that these are exactly what I want. It’ll spice an outfit up but the navy blue can go with just about anything.

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On to da next one! For this outfit, I went back to my boho roots! I wore this bralette crop top, wrap skirt, two-buckle belt, wedges, chain choker, & hat.

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I usually love when people have a bralette as a crop top and then high waisted pants, skirt, shorts, etc. I usually don’t rock that look because I can’t really find the perfect crop top that’s the same size as a bralette but without all the lace/frills. So I was in love when I found this top! Pairing it with this skirt is the comfiest outfit ever! To boho it up, the hat, choker, belt, and shoes really did the trick.

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I LOVE this belt so much! I have one or two double buckle belts but none of them fit my waist and when I try to add more holes, the double buckles overlap and it destroys the whole style! I’m so happy Spin has this waist belt that you can wear with a skirt like this, high waisted jeans, shorts, a dress, anything at all!

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I always see these shoes on the Spin Gallery Instagram and get so jealous of how the girls on there rock them so hard. I decided to just say “f it” and go for it! These shoes are those heels everyone wants/needs. They’re cute, can go with any outfit, and are so comfy you forget you’re wearing heels!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I hope you guys like these outfits! You can see some sneak peeks of Kuza’s outfits up here too ^ Make sure to check out how she styled these outfits as well at The Caffeinated Kuza. And definitely take a trip to Spin Gallery in Wynwood to shop or go online to their website. Their merchandise sells out so fast, it sometimes doesn’t even reach the store! So to be on top of your game, check out their Instagram and you can see the pictures of us on their Instagram by clicking on the links below!




Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 8.54.00 AM.png


Thank you for reading guys!

stay on point,


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Welcome boob troop! Welcome to the journey that is the hip nip. I’m currently a college student pursuing Digital Media Studies in sometimes-sunny-sometimes-hurricaney Florida! I’m passionate about my major but I’m also adrenalized when I’m talking about fashion and lifestyle trends. I always find myself scrolling through fashion blogs and lookbooks of my favorite companies and realize that hours have passed and I have to start studying for my midterm that’s only 10 hours away. I hope some of you will be inspired by this blog or at least find it entertaining! If anyone wants to reach out and give me suggestions or collaborate, please feel free to contact me through the contact page or through any social media link that you can find on my blog. 🙂 Stay on point, the hip nip

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