nip’s hip picks: fashion night out

hey fashionistas ricas! I’m talking to you from behind my laptop screen that I have been staring at for what feels like 72 hours straight. Why? Because I have a paper due tomorrow and a midterm in class tomorrow that I’ve been working on 😦 But everybody needs a study break and here I am spending it with you! ❤ I recently attended the first annual Fashion Night Out in Wynwood last Thursday night and wanted to share my experiences with you! It was a great event and a bunch of restaurants, bars, and boutiques participated in it.

I have a Fashion Club at my university and we were able to help prepare for it and volunteer for all of these participating places. Many of the boutiques had deals with the restaurants and bars that offered free bites and free drinks. Some boutiques even had live music and cool DIY activities as well as discounts for their items. It was overall a really fun experience and I’m lucky enough to be able to plan for next year’s Fashion Night Out so we can make it bigger and better!

I made a short video for you guys to see what was going on during the night. The song is Goodbye by Hazey Eyes and I decided to be silly and place the “goodbye” lyrics throughout the song at funny parts during the video. Let’s see if you can spot them!



Did you guys notice the “goodbye” parts? I put one where my fashion club member waved “goodbye”, one when the champagne was going out of the cup and back into the bottle (the saddest one yet), at Mimo Market where the owners were waving, and close to the end where my club members were walking in reverse. Just wanted to spice up your lives (mostly just mine) with this play on the song/video footage!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little video and got a glimpse of Fashion Night Out! Now back to studying.

stay on point,



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