4 ways to wear your favorite slip dress

hi boob troop! I hope everybody is having as manic of a monday as I freakin am! (I’m mean) I had a pretty busy week but I still was able to PUT YOU GUYS FIRST and make a little video! As my most loyal followers know (aka my mom, dad, and boyfriend), I recently went thrift shopping and bought a slip dress for just $2! I decided to shoot the dress on Sunday but when I was trying to figure out what to wear it with, I had way too many options! Which really never happens for me… so it was a good problem to have. I decided to make this video showing 4 different ways you can wear any slip dress with 4 different attitudes.

Thank you to Selena and Kuza for helping me shoot these looks over the weekend! ❤

I hope this inspires you guys to make the slip dress your new fall staple! If you like what you see or have any suggestions for me or think I’m annoying and you’re dying to tell me, please comment below 🙂

stay on point,




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