nip takes a trip: thrift shopping x boca raton

hey party people! I was able to edit a quick video for you guys (SHOT ON MY IPHONE  6s SO DON’T EXPECT CHRISTOPHER NOLAN LEVEL SHIT OK?) but I went thrift shopping this past Sunday with some squad. We went to Boca Raton, FL which is about an hour drive north from Miami and we went to two thrift stores: Levis JCC Thrift Shop & good ol’ Goodwill. Levis was really cool and kitschy and had a bunch of really unique vintage stuff. It was pretty pricey but we went on a day that everything was HALF OFF! So we got really lucky. When we were checking out, my peripherals caught a glance of these neon pink rubber high tops and I just grabbed them and bought them last minute. You’ll see me wearing them out of the store in the video #SPOILERALERT.  We ended up buying a bunch of cool stuff from both stores that we want to repurpose and manipulate in really funky ways so it’s pretty exciting. Anyway, let’s let the video do the talking, huh?!


I hope you guys enjoyed this short video and are inspired to go thrifting when you’re in a “spendy but got no money” kinda mood 😉

stay on point,



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