nip’s hip picks: Pérez Art Museum Miami

Hi hippie nippies! I hope everybody has their goddamn lives together even though I NEVER DO. I’m not even gonna apologize for posting so sporadically because at this point, I’m just letting y’all down 😦 But I never seem to find the time to get content for this damn blog. ANYWAY, vent session over. Listen to Soda by Azealia Banks and read on homies.

Today’s post is about Pérez Art Museum Miami aka PAMM. It’s a modern and contemporary art museum in Miami that exhibits art from all over the world. It’s honestly one of Miami’s gems because of the art itself as well as the architecture of the museum and location right on the bay. The BEST part is that it’s free admission the first Thursday and second Saturday of every month so we got in fo’ freezy!


One special thing about PAMM is their Hanging Gardens installation designed by Patrick Blanc in cooperation with Herzog & de Meuron. It adds something special to the museum and make for a great photo op! Some cool facts about the gardens from the PAMM website:

  • The hanging gardens were designed to withstand hurricane-force winds up to category 5
  • 54,700 plants and 77 plant species grow in the hanging gardens
  • The 18” diameter tubes are made out of fiberglass, membrane and felt and are up top 45’ long
  • Rainwater is collected and then spread through the irrigation tubes and back up the garden. After the garden is watered, the left over water is drained into a planter.


After you park in the PAMM lot underground and walk up the stairs, the first thing you see is the interactive outdoor installation you see is “Penetrable” by Jesús Rafael Soto. My bff/museum date Jodi and I had too good of a time playing around in the installation.



It was Jodi’s first time at PAMM so I was extra excited for her to see everything the museum had to offer. We walked through each exhibit and learned about all of the art they had to share.


One of my favorite exhibitions was “History for the Future” by Carlos Motta. His work addresses “the discourses of sexuality, gender, identity, and minority culture to challenge dominant histories.


But… FINALLY we got to the exhibit that I had been waiting to see featuring my favorite artist, Jean-Michel BASQUIAT! I ain’t gonna ramble on about him but all I’m sayin’ is educate yourselves and do some research on this boy! I was fangirling so hard and even wore my Basquiat t-shirt that I bought at MoMa during my NYC trip in January.


If any of you live in Miami or close by, you should definitely check out this exhibition before it goes away! And I hope this makes you want to find museums/art around you to explore 🙂

stay on point,



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