what’s up all you party people! I always have excuses as to why I haven’t posted in awhile. This one is more legit than just being busy… I’ve actually had NO content because I had a fever of 103 dzegreez for two weeks straight 😦 but I was able to shoot this weekend and it went great! I was lucky enough to get my photos taken by Jeanne Canto who is super talented and the aesthetic QUEEN! definitely check out her Instagram if you want to have the best eyegasm of your life.

We ventured to this area called Ironside and it was perfect for shooting. Every corner was so aesthetically pleasing we got to take a lot of awesome pictures! Thank god because my feed needs some goddamn aesthetic. The only mistake I made was wearing this top in the 90 degree heat… but it still ended up looking cute so check it out and listen to 3 Strikes by Terror Jr.

ironside 160709 (10 of 156)

I wore this tan, embroidered crop top that was useful for covering the drops of sweat flowing down my body. I’m obsessed with small beading embroidery and the design of this top was too good to pass up. I love it because I can honestly wear it during the day or for a night out… and I did! The night before the photoshoot I went out with my friends and I wore this same top with some black pleather pants and it looked great. The next morning (day of the shoot), I wore the top with these denim shorts

ironside 160709 (6 of 156)

I’ve been wearing these shorts way too much because I love the wash of this denim and of course the little sewn embroidery in them. It adds a little something to the outfit.

ironside 160709 (7 of 156)

As for accessories, you can see that I was just rocking my hair scrunchie, Brazilian wish bracelet, and two dainty bangles on my wrist. I also wore a couple of antic gold rings to match the embroidery on my top and a maroon suede wrap choker because the color went great with the tan top.

ironside 160709 (8 of 156)

My purse was a thin suede, fringe bag that only fits my cards and phone so it wasn’t overwhelming. I love how the purse adds some edge and drama to this outfit!

ironside 160709 (79 of 156)

I kinda went matchy-matchy and wore these black suede wrap up espadrilles to go with the purse. Even though once I was watching Project Runway and the judges got mad at one of the designers for making his model wear shoes that matched her purse, I don’t care! Ugh I felt like if I wore any other shoe, it would’ve been too messy of an outfit.

ironside 160709 (73 of 156)

I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit and the beautiful quality of photos as much as I did! Be sure to check out Jeanne’s Instagram and stay tuned for her website that’s currently under construction!

stay on point,

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Welcome boob troop! Welcome to the journey that is the hip nip. I’m currently a college student pursuing Digital Media Studies in sometimes-sunny-sometimes-hurricaney Florida! I’m passionate about my major but I’m also adrenalized when I’m talking about fashion and lifestyle trends. I always find myself scrolling through fashion blogs and lookbooks of my favorite companies and realize that hours have passed and I have to start studying for my midterm that’s only 10 hours away. I hope some of you will be inspired by this blog or at least find it entertaining! If anyone wants to reach out and give me suggestions or collaborate, please feel free to contact me through the contact page or through any social media link that you can find on my blog. 🙂 Stay on point, the hip nip

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