mesh texture, fringed rips, & soft suede

Hay hay hay! I hope all y’all are enjoying/enjoyed your spring breaks! I’m sprangbreakin’ as we speak even though I’m actually at work right now and my spring break ends on Monday :’) (smiling through the one lone tear streaming down my face). But anyway, I’m back at it again with the white-tee-and-jeans post with a twist. I wore this outfit to my local Sunday farmer’s market date with the one and only Caffeinated Kuza ❤ So read on and listen to my new fave song The Middle by DJ Snake feat. Bipolar Sunshine.

So I was sweating my dang booty off so my “white tee” is actually an XL muscle tee with this awesome mesh textured detail. I love the mesh detail because it has the v-neck feel without actually being low-cut. It also gives a little peek-a-boo effect to a cool bralette which I took full advantage of by wearing my light pink dreamcatcher bralette.


I also matched the pink bralette to my new suede, pink skinny scarf. I love the fringe and detail at the bottom of the scarf because it gives it that boho-Arizona-y vibe. It was too good to be true that these colors matched perfectly. I completed the outfit with my infamous boyfriend jeans and snakeskin patterned gladiators to add some spunk.


And voila! Here’s my masterpiece completed:


For details, I wore a few simple gold bangles and stacked up on gold rings. I also wore this awesome, leather bracelet that has layered bead details stacked up on it! It added some rustic energy to this girly ass outfit.


I hope you guys keep getting ideas on how to make a simple, casual outfit your own! Don’t let anybody call yo’ outfit basic! And always go local and check out cool farmer’s markets around your area! They always have super cool stuff like jewelry, plants, fresh food, and beauty products :P.


stay on point,

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