soft blue, white, & hard black

I’m SO excited about this post because it actually looks like I’m in frkn Arizona. Listen to A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton because that song is stuck in my head.

First of all, LOOK AT THIS FRKN CACTUS! I always drive by it in my neighborhood and immediately feel like I’m driving through Arizona. That is, until I look forward again and realize I’m stuck in a 15 mph school zone in Miami…


I wanted to play with the soft and hard themes in this outfit. I wore a lacey white crop top with soft blue shorts. VERY soft and girly with a really cute, muted color palette. Then, my brilliant babe Kuza got this belt out of my closet (V ARIZONA MAY I ADD) and tied it around the waistline of my shorts. I was so happy to see that it added a soft edge with the black but still maintained the color palette. So, of course, I decided to wear black strappy sandals and my black fringe purse to add on to this edge.


Here’s a close-up of the lace detail on my crop top, my belt, and my gold rings I added!



I also thought these reflective sunglasses would look bad with the outfit because they seemed sort of out of place, but they ended up looking cayoooot. Also, they spared my freakin’ retinas from the blazing sun…


I hope this outfit inspires you to play with hard/soft when it comes to a cute outfit!

stay on point,

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