white tee, blue jeans, & black platforms

So I’ve done a similar post before – white tee and jeans kinda post. But I find myself wearing different versions of the classic “white tee and jeans” look all the time. So I’m going to start sharing my different ways of wearing it with you guys. It’s an easy way to have a simple, casual, cool look in different ways. Versatile outfits are the best outfits, #amirite?! For this kewl as a kukumber outfit (idk what’s wrong withΒ me), listen to my boy Lenny Kravitz’s classic It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over.

I’m wearing my FAVE flowy, baggy, comfyasfk white tee shirt and contrasting uuuuuber tight (I need to hit the goddamn gym) light wash blue jeans. The reason I rolled them up so high is because I actually cut the bottom of them to get that raw hem like I did with my black jeans but the denim on these jeans are WAY too thick and it just looked so stupid… so now I have to roll these suckers up like sushi.


To spice up the outfit, I added my beautiful, also oversized camel blazer. I love this color in general but it’s so extra that you have to wear it with a really neutral palette.Β I also wore one of my favorite headwraps that went really well with the camel.


Accessories wise, I wore my mom’s beautiful jade necklace to keep that color pop but also neutral palette that I’m going for. I always try to wear more neutral colors when dealing with an outfit like this but I just can’t stop adding more color 😦 I also wore a few simple gold rings. I LOVE the two bar stacked up rings because of that marble in one of them.I’m also wearing my favorite maroon wrap bracelet and a few simple gold bangles. The thick one is stolen from my main girl Jodi.


To put the whole outfit together, I wore my funky 90s vibin’ black high top platforms. I got these babies on sale for $10 so that makes them even cooler.


So even though there’s kind of not much going on with this outfit when you look at it as a whole, it’s really the details that make it unique and interesting. But, as someone who over-accessorizes all the time, you have to make sure to find that balance without taking away from your style and what your heart desires!


I hope you guys dig this outfit as much as I dig all of you πŸ˜‰ This weekend try to rock your white tee and jeans look by adding your own twist!

stay on point,

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