fashion for a cause: GivBag

Hi y’all! So I haven’t posted in FOREVER… two full months (because I suck). I was on winter break and then when school started up I got way too busy. Anyway, I thought my first post to break that dry spell would be something important! So read on and listen to my new favorite jam WTF by Missy Elliot feat. Pharrell Williams.


The main highlight of this post is the super cool GivBag that I’m rocking around Miami. My blogger-betch Kuza was able to get in touch with the creator of GivBag and he was nice enough to let us model them for him!


What’s great about GivBag isn’t just how cool and trendy they are but their mission. Every time you purchase a GivBag, they will give a backpack to a student in need. By giving these students a backpack, they want to encourage them to be inspired to exceed their potential.


This particular GivBag is great because the color goes with pretty much everything in my closet. I’ve been using it not just as a backpack, but as a purse when I’m not going to class as well! It’s lightweight and comfortable and fits everything that I carry around without getting bulky… (Trust me, I have A LOT of crap). I wore this GivBag with one of my new favorite outfits!


I wore a medium-wash denim muscle crop-top with my favorite camel flowy shorts. At first, I wasn’t sure if this color combination was trying too hard because they’re both super bold colors but the palette turned out to be exactly what I had hoped! I wore my patterned kimono with it and my black gladiators to bring some boldness to the outfit.

I usually never wear silver jewelry but for this outfit I made an exception. This GORGEOUS necklace was given to me on my birthday last week by my queen Shaina. It was too perfect to not pair with this high-neck top. The silver and denim looks so good together I almost cried. I wore (stole) my mom’s silver cuff and her silver rings to go with it and the stones managed to go together so perfectly. I think I’ll probably start wearing more silver now!


Moral of the story? BUY A GIVBAG! They managed to go with this colorful and bold outfit and they will definitely go with anything you wear. And what’s better than fashion for a cause? Visit their website, follow them on Instagram, and like them on Facebook to learn more.

stay on point,

the hip nip


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