raw hem, denim, & pompoms

Weeeee, jamming out to “Writing’s On the Wall” by Sam Smith because I can’t get his beautiful voice out of my head. (Not that I need any excuse to listen to Sam).

I wanted to do a kind of spin off of the classic “white tee and jeans” look but make it more hippie and more nippy, of course. So as the “white tee” I wore my favorite flowy, raw hem tank. I love this top because of the raw hem (I’ll sometimes cut the ends of my jeans just to get the raw hem look). Also the way it flows gives it a casual, fun feel but it can also be dressed up because of the material.


The “blue jeans” are replaced by my light washed high-waisted denim shorts. These have been with me through h e double hockeysticks and back and have earned my deep trust and love.


The most important part of this outfit that makes it boho is the accessories. First off, I love the gold metallics that pop out with this outfit but still maintain the neutrality of it. I wore gold strappy sandals and my staple gold bangles (are you surprised?).


Since this top has a low cut back and sides, I decided to wear a turqoise bralette that has a funky strappy design to show off! It also adds that color pop that I want.


I am in love with headwraps and haven’t worn them lately because my hair needs to not be a nasty, greasy mess to wear them and because of the final month of school, that has been a constant in my life. BUT! I was able to wear this pretty printed headwrap. I paired the outfit with this handmade pom pom and tassel necklace that I can’t get enough of which goes oddly well with my pom pom clutch! (Sold separately, I swear!)


Finally, I wore my reflective sunglasses that I’m in lurv with. They were basically a steal and really good quality! I like them because they’re not really boho but the edginess went well as a contrast in this outfit.


stay on point,

the hip nip








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