red, white, & bl..ack

So the song that I feel like listening to while writing this post doesn’t match the mood of the post but you guys have to listen to it anyway… It’s called “All I Want” by Kodaline.

(It’s good, right?) Okay, well for this outfit I went supa dupa hipnippy miami-bohemian. I love being colorful while being a little muted and “organized” (?) in a way… if that’s the right word. What I mean is that sometimes I can get all messy and crazy with my outfits and it works but sometimes I like to just keep it clean.

I wore this beautiful, boxy, off-shoulder white peasant top that I got on sale for just $15 (a steal) with some silky printed red pants that I’ve had for a few years now! (ALWAYS dig up things from your closet because 9/10 times you’ll find something amazing that you forgot you had).


I wore this with my staple and seen-before black sandals that go with absolutely anything. I was really diggin the red, white, and black color combo that came out of this outfit too!

IMG_3645Because I’m me, I decided to take the opportunity of having a huge surface area of bare chest to layer up on some of my newest neck candy. I wore this eye choker that I love because it’s delicate but also bold. I decided to stick with the gold/colorful theme of that necklace and paired it with a longer tassel necklace and then finally a 3-in-1 necklace with little pendants. The golds aren’t the same color but it ended up working because all of the necklaces are so delicate.

IMG_3656Of course, my arms got jealous of my neck bling so I had to pair the neck candy with some arm/hand candy! I wore a few chunky rustic gold rings as I always must. Then, to stick to the eye theme, I wore this mustard yellow wrap bracelet (that I sometimes also wear as a choker) on one wrist and an array of gold, chunky, charmy bangles on the other wrist

IMG_3673I found that one of my gold bangles had some cool charms as well as eyes on it! So I ended up matching better than I expected to!

IMG_3773I hope you guys get some bohemian-fall inspo from this outfit! Obviously living in South Florida, this is the best “fall” outfit I can manage in the heat but I think the color scheme works for year round! 🙂


stay on point,

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