romper, choker, & sneaks

Weeeee I’m extra excited to be writing this post because I’m proud of how this outfit turned out! For this post, I’m feeling the song “So Insane” by Discovery.

So the day I shot this outfit I was with a few of my best #galpals and one of them (Shaylin Castillo) has an amazing lens that we all took advantage of (hehe). So, knowing that these pictures would come out looking nicer than others I have, I wanted to dress in something extra hipnippy. I looked through my closet and it was one of those days where every outfit I was putting together was way too basic and unoriginal so I was getting really frustrated. Then I found this new, never worn romper that I bought in France this past summer (for an über bargain price) and almost cried of joy. I paired it with my new mesh, floral bralette since I wanted to keep the deep V feel but didn’t wanna go too deep.


I was so lucky this outfit didn’t turn out to be a complete mess… I was all over the place when I was picking the accessories and in my mind I wanted to keep it girly, sporty, and also edgy. Somehow my vision worked out and this came about. I borrowed my fwend Kristen’s white high-top vans and tied the laces up my ankle to make them sporty and girly.


Then, for the edgy & boho part of the outfit, I wore layered necklaces. My choker from India, a beaded necklace, and a long chain necklace. Then I topped it off with my colorful, tassel purse from India that I can’t get enough of! The colors of the purse and romper went together way too nicely. I didn’t want to wear a whole arm of chunky bracelets like I usually do for this outfit because it already had a lot going on so I just wore a few gold bangles and necessary hair scrunchies.


All in all, I was proud of this outfit and it proved to me that I can fish things out of my closet and make them look good together instead of going on a shopping spree I can’t afford… :p


stay on point,

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