white on white, flowy tops, & tassels

Hi guys!

I thought I would start off the week by showing you guys this look. I know you’re “not supposed to wear white after labor day” but I actually shot this outfit the weekend after Labor Day because I have no idea when that rule expires… Like when are we allowed to wear white again…? Anyway, I don’t care because this outfit was too stylish to pass up. Listen to one of my favorite songs featuring one of my favorite artists, “Omen” by Disclosure feat. Sam Smith, while reading this blog to feel the same vibes I am right now (necessary).


I love wearing outfits with all of one color and adding some flair so it doesn’t look too plain. So I wore this flowy, white tank with a raw hem and a white bandeau underneath.  I paired it with destroyed white denim shorts (high-waisted because I can’t wear anything but high-waisted bottoms). Finally, to add some spice to it was this beautiful kimono that I borrowed from my friend and fellow blogger The Caffeinated Kuza. I love the pattern with the crochet, tassels, and random coins at the trim of it.


I also wore kholapuris (the shoes) that I got last summer in India (the motherland) with my staple toe ring.


Since I have an unhealthy, undying obsession with tassels, I wore my white tassel necklace because obviously there weren’t enough tassels to satisfy me on the kimono. As for other jewelry, I just wore a few gold bracelets to emphasize the golden tone of the outfit.


As you can see above, the tank is a little see-through and has a low-cut back so I got to wear a bandeau with a funky strap design to show off in the back.


These reflective sunglasses that I got on my recent study abroad trip to France add a cool, edgy spunk to this otherwise boho outfit (no, your dads aren’t the only ones who use the word “spunk”).

I hope I encouraged you guys to wear white whenever the flip you want 😉 And if “Omen” isn’t over by the time you’re done reading this, you better keep listening to the end…

stay on point,

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