boho patterns, chunky jewelry & fringe

Welcome fashion lovas!

So for my first blog post I thought I would show you guys an outfit that is very Yash (I don’t actually talk in the third person, I’m just trying to make my name an adjective… #goals) One thing that I will always love and cannot resist is a cool, mixed up pattern like the one on my dress. No matter how much money I have, or most likely *don’t* have, I will always buy an item if it has a cool, colorful pattern like this one.

IMG_3096What I love about this dress is that the main part of it is already a funky boho pattern and then the cut flaps at the bottom each have their own unique designs. I personally love loads of chunky gold jewelry that I can stack up! I wore 4 necklaces and adjusted them all differently so that they could have a cool, layered look. And on my wrist I wore gold bracelets with designs/stones to add to this boho look. I’m a huuuuuge fan of stacking up rings but I’m such a mess that I’ll start off with ten rings and by the end of the day I’ll have three if I’m lucky… So I just wore three simple gold rings on my hands for this outfit!


On the other wrist, I wore a wrap, rope bracelet to accent my black bralette and the black patterns on my dress.

IMG_3186To add the final flair, I wore these new tie up gladiators and fringe backpack. I’m in love with these items because they add a boldness to this girly outfit.

IMG_3102I hope you guys get inspo from this bold boho outfit!



stay on point,

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